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Halloween Scalloped Treat Box

I made some Halloween themed treat boxes this month!

I took some Fake Tan cardstock, die cut it with the Scalloped Treat Box dies from Lawn Fawn, folded all the score lines with a bone folder, and then embossed it with my Fun Stampers Journey “Spooky Boo” embossing folder. (I bought the embossing folder on clearance and I’m not even sure it’s still sold.) I found that using the bone folder before embossing was very helpful. I tried to emboss one box without folding beforehand and the score lines all but disappeared, which made it really hard to make sure I was folding it in the correct places. So folding everything with the bone folder and then unfolding it and laying it flat to emboss was an important step.

Another thing that was important to me when making these boxes was that the words were facing up on all sides of the box. If you were to cut out the treat box pieces and run them right through a die cut machine as-is, laying flat, one side would end up with the words facing sideways. This is because you would emboss everything in one direction, but then end up folding the side of the box up, so something would always be facing a different way. To get around this, I actually ran each piece through my die cut machine twice. The first time I did it, I put the main part of the treat box inside the embossing folder and then folded the side piece over the top of the folder, opposite from the direction it would end up being folded. That would keep that piece from getting embossed with any design as it went through the machine. That allowed me to emboss the main part of the box first, pull it out of the folder, turn the piece sideways, and put just that side piece into the embossing folder. Then I ran that through the machine only far enough to get that little side piece embossed, and backed it out. It was a little extra work, but doing it that way allowed me to then fold up the box and have every side show the words facing up, exactly as I wanted. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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