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Creative Detailer Tool

I recently used my Creative Detailer Tool for the first time and wanted to share my experience with it.

The best way I can describe this tool is that it’s kind of like a buffer. If you make a mistake on a paper craft project, it helps you erase it, or “buff” it out.

I was working on a card and had some excess liquid glue that turned into a dark, gummy mess. It had dried quickly and couldn’t be wiped off the card. I used this tool and was able to buff the extra glue right off the card, and it looked perfectly clean again. I was amazed! I can already tell this tool will help me out a lot on future projects.

The tool comes with a few different sizes of applicators. The area I was working on was pretty small, but I used the larger applicator since it was already set up on the tool, and it still worked great. My card was also white, so I’m not sure how this would look on colored paper. I did try to use it on a small section of ink-blended paper just for the sake of the experiment, and it did start to remove the blended ink. So it might be best on white projects, but I’d be interested to hear reviews from others who have used it in different ways. It’s also supposed to work well to remove unwanted foil, but I haven’t yet entered the world of foiling so I can’t speak to that. 🙂

I definitely recommend this tool. I don’t have an ad for this or any stake in the product; I just like how it worked for me and wanted to share it. If you’re interested, you can find it at Simon Says Stamp:

Creative Detailer Tool

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