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My Favorite Cards From 2019

I looked back over all the cards I’ve made this year, and these were my 4 favorites. In chronological order from when they were made…

September 2019: One in a Chameleon

I already have plans to make this one again. I love the interactive element of the reveal wheel, and it’s so fun to watch the little guy change colors. I think this is the card I’m the most proud of from the year.

November 2019: Have A Sweet Birthday

I like the color scheme of this card, and it was my first time using the “jelly” technique on a die cut word. I also just can’t get enough of that cursive font on the stamps. And who doesn’t love ice cream? This is one that I find myself looking back at often.

December 2019: Hello Baby

I just blogged about this one, but I love its cute simplicity. And I cannot wait to use those little flowers again.

December 2019: Santa Head

I also just blogged about this one, but I like how all the elements came together – the script word, the snow pen accent, the snowflakes, the crystal drops. It just came out really great.

And an honorable mention to…

December 2019: Ho Ho Holidays

I liked this one, but I’m looking forward to making more cards in different ways using these elements.

More cards coming soon!

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