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Mini Stamps Storage

I recently changed the way I’m storing my mini stamps and wanted to share. I’ll admit my new storage is not very glamorous so I’m sure there will eventually be an update in my future to make it prettier, but I do like the function so far.

This was the way I used to store mini stamps:

I had an album with plastic sheets divided into 9 sections. I’m sure this works great for flat things like baseball cards, but once you get a little collection of stamps going…

I hadn’t even filled up the album and it was already getting a little too big. I also didn’t like that I had this whole set of stamps that I was storing in a different location than my main stash. I would sometimes forget about the mini stamps and then they ended up getting used less often.

I decided to do away with the album so that I could store my mini stamps with the rest of my stash. I didn’t want to use a whole plastic sleeve for just one small stamp so I went on a hunt for plastic sleeves that still had dividers but were the right size (6×8) to match the ones I was already using. As far as I can tell, this product does not exist. So I made my own.

It might be hard to see in the photo, but I took one of the plastic pages that was divided into 9 sections and I cut it along the yellow lines in the picture above. This left me with a piece that had 4 divided mini sections.

I then attached that piece to one of the pockets I already had that I use for my regular stamp storage.

I did this so that I could keep a piece of cardstock at the back in the main pocket for stability but still have the individual pockets for the stamps and dies. I used regular tape to attach then together and it doesn’t look the greatest, so that would be the main thing I’d try to update someday. But it does work!

Now I can store these mini stamps right along with the rest of my stamps, and I can keep them with their corresponding category (such as Ocean Critters) instead of just having all the mini stamps together. I see them all the time (since I have them at the front of each category section in my stash) so I’ll always remember I have them to use.

So far the new storage system is working great!

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