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Easter Egg Shaker Card

I made this card with 4 separate shakers for each Easter egg. I followed some of the steps in this blog post when putting it together:

One tip in that blog post was to lay the top piece of your card down before adding the acetate, and then to inlay each colored Easter egg paper through the openings to get them in perfect placement on the bottom piece of your card. Well. I added my acetate before reading that part of the post, so it’s a great tip but I wanted to share what I did that still worked, even though it was harder.

I laid my card piece with the acetate down so that the side with the egg openings was face up (and the side with flat acetate was face down, if that makes sense.) Then I turned over my colored egg pieces and laid them into the openings, color side down. I added glue to the backs of the egg pieces and then laid my other card piece over it. This “picked them up” and attached them to the card piece in the right placement. Then I was able to assemble the card pieces stacked in the correct order, with the colored egg pieces showing through the acetate openings. I’m not sure if this made things more confusing or if it made sense, but the moral of the story is: follow the tip in that blog post and hopefully you won’t need any of this. 😄

Also: why is it that no matter how many pounds of powder I use on the sides of a shaker, things STILL always get stuck to the sides?? Is there a better way?

Materials used:

  • Outside In Stitched Easter Egg
  • Watercolor Wishes petite paper pack
  • Acetate
  • Sequins
  • Foam tape
  • Powder tool (but what good is it even for? Lol)
  • Happy Easter
  • Eggstra Amazing Easter

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