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Completed: Use All My Craft Supplies In One Year

In August 2020 I set a goal for myself to use all of my craft supplies within one year. Most people who craft can relate to buying something and then not getting around to making the thing you were inspired to make with it, and then that thing gets lost in the shuffle and never used. I’ve always been good about at least keeping track of what I have and haven’t used, so I knew that I had exactly 53 craft items that I had never created anything with. About half were from recent purchases but half were old items that were still unused after a long time. I liked the idea of challenging myself to use every single item within a year so that nothing would gather dust and I wouldn’t feel bad about having things I hadn’t used. And structure can really inspire creativity!

When I started last August, my original idea was actually to NOT buy any new supplies for an entire year and just work my way through what I already had. (Are you laughing at me? Because I’m laughing at past me.) That lasted for about 2 months, and then I made an exception for a few good deals, and then… I returned to my normal craft-purchasing habits. πŸ˜„

Spoiler alert: I did it! I used every single one of my supplies within that one-year timeframe. Since I started in August 2020, I actually used everything I owned at that point and also the new things that I purchased through December 2020. My craft supply kept growing after that but I couldn’t quite keep up with using everything so quickly so I just made that the cutoff point.

Not only did I keep track of what I used, I also kept track of how many times I used each thing throughout the year. I was curious to look back and see what products I used the most. This gives a slightly skewed perspective because some of these products were acquired after the year had already started, so their numbers may be lower, but it still gives a pretty good idea overall. And everything here is Lawn Fawn because that makes up about 99% of all my supplies. 😊

So without further ado, here are the results!

Most used backdrop: Stitched Hillside Backdrop (Landscape)

Most used banner/tag: Everyday Sentiment Banners

Most used border: Grassy Border (followed very closely by Simple Grassy Hillsides)

Most used critter stamp: Say What? Masked Critters (not surprising for 2020!)

Most used interactive die: Magic Iris

Most used stencil: Cloudy Stencil

Most used product out of everything: Large Stitched Rectangles (by FAR)

And there you have it! This was an interesting project to take on and I did really enjoy having to think about how to use every single item in some way. But I am definitely looking forward to not having to track this anymore! πŸ˜„

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