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A Birthday Chameleon

I first made this card back in September 2019 and I had been looking forward to making it again. This time I gave it a few upgrades with better sky and grass ink blending. Next time I’d like to add a little more to it to fill up the sky a bit, but I still like how it came out.

I did find a way to improve upon my ink blended reveal wheel technique. Instead of masking off the edge of the wheel, I cut another wheel and used a circle die to cut out the middle, leaving me with just a white edge that I then attached to the top of my ink blended wheel. This gave me a perfect white edge with ink blended center. (I originally tried to use a circle to mask off the wheel but still ended up getting ink on the edges, so this solution solved that issue, and next time I would just do this from the start so that I could ink blend freely and then just cover up the edges at the end.)

Materials used are all the same as the September 2019 version, with the addition of:

  • Salty Ocean distress oxide ink
  • Jalapeno ink by Lawn Fawn

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